Tuscan Dining Room Decorating Elements

Make your dining room feels warm with Tuscan style – This article describes about the Tuscan style, the role of dining room, and some things to consider in order strengthen the Tuscan dining room including the applying of color, the applying of wood elements, the applying of stone elements, and the applying of storage place.

If we intend to implement a Tuscan dining room, then there are some ideas that we can select and develop in order to present the decor appearance of Tuscan accordance with what we expect. As we know, the dining room is one room that has an important role for the family – this is the room used by the entire family to come together and interact in a variety of activities ranging from eating to homework.

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And if we want to bring the Tuscan style is warm and inviting, then here are some decorating ideas that we can to strengthen the character of the Tuscan pour in the dining room.

(1) Color – we can choose the color scheme of warm colors such as gold, terracotta, brick red, and sage green to strengthen as a characteristic of Tuscan style and bring warm atmosphere. We can combine warm colors with different shades of color in accordance with what we want. If we want the feel of the countryside, then we can add white or beige and wood elements showcased in the dining room. If we want the feel of bold, then we can add a wide selection of bold colors including yellow. It will give additional life in the dining room, which certainly is more fun to be enjoyed.

(2) The wood elements – bring Tuscan impression on the dining room by incorporating a number of elements made of wood, including wooden beams on the ceiling to give the impression of height and create a dramatic effect on the room. We can also choose to get the furniture made of wood such as tables and chairs with simple construction and clean lines.

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(3) Elements of stone – we also incorporate a number of stone elements into the room to give a dramatic statement at the Tuscan dining room. For that, we can choose to install a fireplace of stone to choose to implement a variety of accessories that are made of stone. If we do not want to incorporate elements of rock, then we can choose to use a material that resembles rock to give the impression of a charming Tuscan.

(4) Storage – make sure we include a storage area for storing a variety of collections including choosing to get a versatile cabinet in the dining room made of wood. We can use the cabinet as a perfect place for storing various foodstuffs to the plate collection.

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