Twin Baby Nursery Decorating Ideas

Twin baby nursery has to be made when a couple is expecting twin bundles of joy in the near future. It is impossible to just provide a nursery with single baby features when there are two of them coming to live in that nursery. What does it take to make a nursery meant to house two twin babies? Find out more about it down below.

What to Put in Twin Baby Nursery?

The best idea to put together a twin baby nursery is to keep everything simple and well-organized. Having one baby is a crazy ride, let alone having two at the same time. For first-time parents-to-be who are expecting twins soon after, read these twin nursery decorating ideas for your babies’ room.

twin baby nursery room decor » Twin Baby Nursery Decorating Ideas

  1. Simple-Designed Cribs

First time parents often get tempted to buy the cribs with new models and advanced features. However, sometimes the cribs are very large and inefficient, especially because you will have to buy two of them and place them in the same room. This is why the cribs must be kept simple. As long as it is completed by great safety feature, it is enough for the nursery. Simple-designed cribs are less likely to eat up spaces in the nursery as well.

  1. Less Furniture

When the twin babies are just newborns, they do not need a lot of furniture. All you need to have is basically the crib; two cribs, to be precise. Other than that, allow the room to be airy and comfortably by limiting the furniture, such as the changing table, couch, and the cabinet. You do not have to use two for each type. Both babies can use them in turns in the twin baby nursery.

  1. More Drawers and Shelves

Babies need a lot of stuff, including clothes, diapers, toys, toilettes, and many other things. Imagine having two babies at the same time. Yes, the stuff is going to be double the amount. This is basically why the drawers and shelves in the room must be available, a lot. Take advantage of the wall as well as the space under the crib to be turned into storage area.

  1. Two Different Color Schemes

If you have boy and girl twin, the color scheme of the room has to be made in two different colors to make the nursery pops and look amazing. Use blue and pink as the traditional colors for newborn babies.

If the twins are either boys or both girls, you can also rock the twin baby nursery by using one main color but in two different shades, such as the magenta-pink and pale-pink, for example, in a twin baby girl nursery.

The principal is actually to invest on a large room. By the time the twin babies grow up, they will need more than just cribs. They need beds and their own dressers and many things else. That is why the twin baby nursery room has to be large enough right from the beginning so that they can be converted easily.