Understanding Daybed Bolster Pillow before Buying Them

Daybed bolster pillow is often used for decoration. However, a lot of people have no idea that the long, cylindrical pillows are actually very comfortable to use. The usage of bolster is not too common in Europe and USA. However, in Asian countries, bolster is found in every daybed and actual bed. Find out more about bolster that can be used in daybed down below.

What Types of Daybed Bolster Pillow You Should Buy?

There are a lot of types of daybed bolster pillow. The types are usually depending on its functions, materials, and shapes. If you plan to purchase a bolster for your daybed anytime in the near future, here is the explanation of the types of the bolster pillow that you need to know.

daybed bolster pillow decor » Understanding Daybed Bolster Pillow before Buying Them

Understand them well so that you can eventually buy the best type of bolster for you.

  1. Knee Bolster Pillow

This daybed bolster pillow is in wedge shape. It is often used to give extra comfort below the knee. It is placed right below the knee and has the ability to provide cozy feeling, especially when the feet are sore. This bolster is often purchased by pregnant women, particularly the ones with swollen feet during pregnancy.

  1. Head Bolster Pillow

The most common type of the bolster pillow is this one. Head bolster pillow is designed using cylindrical shape. It is not very long and basically works like regular pillow. When people are relaxing on the daybed, the bolster can be used to hold the head and give soft, comfortable feeling to anyone using it.

  1. Decorative Bolster Pillow

Decorative daybed bolster pillow is not meant to give lots of comfort to anyone. The main purpose of the bolster is for decoration. That is why the stuffing of the bolster is usually the heavier one, such as synthetic beads. The bolster is heavily upholstered for the sake of its appearance and often matched with the overall design of the daybed.

  1. Memory Foam Bolster Pillow

The best stuffing for bolster pillow is memory foam. It makes the bolster so fluffy and comfortable to use. The memory foam allows the bolster to remember the best position when it is being used. As the result, the pillow is going to last longer and remain comfortable to be used.

  1. Extra Long Bolster Pillow

Extra-long bolster pillow is shaped like long, long snake. It has cylindrical shape and the length is like over 150 cm. It is generally longer because it is used to be hugged by the users. It is usually filled by cotton and synthetic blends to make it more flexible and make it feels lighter.

Now, you know the common types of the bolster. You can choose any of them that you think fit for your need. If you need them only for decoration, you should choose the pretty ones. However, if you need them to provide extra comfort when relaxing on the daybed, choose the well-functioned daybed bolster pillow, and you won’t get disappointed.