Unique Designs of Ceramic Flower Pots

There are many creative options for your potted flower. Nonetheless, classic ceramic flower pots still become everyone’s favorite type. There are plenty of designs in the market that you will be able to choose, from the conventional ones to unique ones. Ceramic pots can somewhat amplify the beauty of your colorful flowers.

Varied Designs of Ceramic Flower Pots

If you sift through the catalogue of ceramic pots for flowers, you can see various designs available. They range in colors, shapes, and finishes. Let’s see some of the beautiful designs in this list.

ceramic flower pots design » Unique Designs of Ceramic Flower Pots

  1. Rectangle Zen Flower Pot

It is one of ceramic flower pots that will make you feel at ease just by looking at its streamlined design. There is no hard edge in the pot. The bottom part has soft earth brown color while its top part has concrete grey color. There are some discolorations which improve the natural look of this pot. You will be able to use it to plant small flowers and succulents.

  1. White and Tall Flower Pot

This ceramic pot is made of 100% ceramic construction. It comes in pure white color with cylinder shape. The design allows it to be placed at any room in your house without it sticking out too much. The height of this flower pot is 10 inches. It is perfect if you want to plant tall but lightweight flowers inside the house. Each purchase will be equipped with a nice wooden stand.

  1. Floral Blue China Pot

You can hardly find ceramic flower pots as gorgeous as the ones in classic china style. This particular pot proves that. It is fully handmade and the construction allows it to be long lasting enough. There are two main colors on the pot: white and imperial blue. You can see floral and leaves pattern adorning the entire surface of this gorgeous pot. This pot measures at 7 x 9 x 10 inches. You can plant small flowers here.

  1. Pure White Textured Ceramic Pot

If you prefer ceramic flower pots that have both visual and textural pattern, this particular pot should be a nice option. It is made of 100% ceramic material that ensures its longevity. The outer side is handcrafted to make beautiful ethnic design that you can feel against your fingertips. It gets narrower to the lip part. You will be able to plant flowers with small buds inside this gorgeous pot.

  1. Four in a Set Herb Planter

This unique looking ceramic pot looks like four different ceramic cups being mashed together. The color scheme for this pot is coral green that looks glowing when light hits its surface. This pot is set to be herb planter that you can place on kitchen countertop. Since there are four spaces, you will be able to grow four different small herbs.

  1. Triangle Shaped Hanging Pot

If you do not have plenty of floor space, hanging ceramic flower pots might be the better option. This pot looks very unique due to its geometric triangle shape. The pot has black color while its handle is made of gorgeous copper colored metal. It will fit nicely in urban city apartment with modern style design.