Vintage Bedroom for Budget Decoration

Not all people have much money. If you are one of those who have limited budget and want to re-decorate your bedroom, vintage bedroom is perfect for you. Only with vintage finds and also old furniture, you can design your bedroom in a new way. To find the old and vintage furniture, go to flea markets or vintage stores. Besides offer budget-friendly stuff, those shops also provides any kind of classic furniture. Here are some guides to choose vintage furniture to decorate your bedroom.

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A classic bed can be the vital point for your bedroom vintage style. Add vintage bed linens along with classic headboard to give dramatic vintage touch. If you cannot find old bed style, you can go for modern furniture with vintage design.


Pattern will complete the vintage style. Choose vintage patterned curtains with classic upholstery to give vintage look on your bedroom decoration. Tapestry pattern is so contrast to the simple neutral walls, so you can add this pattern for your decoration ideas.


Little vintage things will add classic look to your vintage bedroom decoration. Floral vintage curtains with upholstery, knitted bedspreads with bedthrows, framed mirrors and cute nightstands can be a good choice for your vintage bedroom ideas.

Well, try to mix and match the old-fashioned stuff to decorate your bedroom. Then, you will have your dreamed classic bedroom design.