Wedding Table Decor Themes

Marriage is one of the important events in one’s life. The wedding party that was held was made with perfect as possible with attention to every detail including the selection of wedding table decor. Decorating of the wedding table is one of the important decorations wedding since this will be a place for guests who come to focus during the wedding reception takes place. There are many themes and designs of wedding table that we can apply in our marriage. Typically, this will be based on the theme of the wedding that we takes, personality of the bride, wedding color scheme, to the seasonal availability of various decorative items.

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We can present a variety of shades on wedding table decor in accordance with what we want from a romantic feel, the feel of the beach, autumn shades, warm shades, or the feel of an elegant classic. And here are some of the wedding table decoration ideas that we can apply as a guide.

(1) Fresh and natural – this is a popular style that we can apply in the summer with a variety of floral displays in a charming colorful. We can use a variety of flowers ranging from sunflower (creates a warm impression), leaves at large size (creating a fresh impression), and assorted other flowers that can create the feel of rustic and romantic. When we decided to do a wedding reception party at the beach, then we can decorate the table with a bouquet of blue flowers to provide additional characters will be the ocean.

(2) Romantic and sweet – we can use a combination of a series of fruit and flowers to bring a romantic and sweet impression we want. Couple rose with orange or grapes with white lilies would be a very good combination to present the impression that we want. We can also use the flowers without having to combine it with fruit to get a romantic impression. Put flowers pink or purple on the table and in an instant, romantic feel will envelop the room. Do not forget to coordinate with a variety of fixtures or other decor elements to make the table look more WOW.

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To get wedding table decor that is captivating, sure we make some of the following:

(1) Place one central bouquets on each table.
(2) Adjusts the size of the flower with the size of the table so that we can still get enough space for guests to get dining.
(3) Use a variety of other decorative elements (other than the use of flower) to give the impression of an elegant and more attractive on the wedding table.
(4) Makes sure the table flower bouquet is not too high so as not to block the visual line of the guests.

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