Western Home Decor with Classical Style and Warm Vibe

There are various designs and styles in decorating the interior. Everyone may have different taste and preference to choose it. In case you love traditional western home decor with its rustic details, there is good reference for you to choose. Surely, it shows the bold identity of the western style that makes the room look so warm.

Traditional Western Home Decorating Ideas

When discussing about the western home decor, there are actually many options to choose. If talking about the one with bold character, it is good to see the traditional and classical style. It has strong character and value to offer.

western cowboy home decor » Western Home Decor with Classical Style and Warm Vibe

Now, let’s check the details of this home interior.

  1. Color tone

First detail to see is the color tone. There are actually many good points, yet the tone gives first impression. The house has warm tone. It is very clear to see and this tone is provided by the combination of brown colors used in the interior. It is also supported by the illumination or lighting in the house.

There are different tones of brown, and the combination becomes vocal point in creating the warm vibe. The floor uses lighter tone of brown, while the darker colors are found in the furniture and wall bookshelves. There are also white accent in sofas.

  1. Furniture

Other part that makes this western home decor is the furniture. All kinds of furniture inside the house have traditional and rustic touch. There are wooden chairs which have great details of carvings. The arm and legs are carved, and these really make the chairs look so special. Between the chairs, there is also wooden table.

The interesting thing is the existence of billiard table. Based on the size, it has regular size. Of course, the material is combination, but the color is made as if it is fully made of wood. The positioning of billiard is great which adds the good decoration for the house.

Then, the home decor has large bookshelves full of books. These items are divided into two parts, and there is large painting on the middle of the shelves. The painting gets some small lighting to point out picture to be more attractive.

  1. Flooring

Flooring of this western home decor is not made simple. It has good details in term of pattern. Since the room is large, it does not choose the small pattern. Instead, it chooses the big random patterns.

The pattern look simple, but there is color combination between light and darker tone. Somehow, it gives good point on room decoration. The color tone is also lighter compared to other parts of decoration, so it cannot just be ignored.

  1. Roof

The roof is also nice part to see. From the inside, it does not show the flat surface. Instead, it shows that the roof is made of wood naturally. There is no additional surface to cover the wood.

As the detail, there are small lamp fixtures. It is actually a simple chandelier which is made from round shape with some lamps on its edges. There are three similar fixtures installed to give rustic look for the interior.

Those are some details to find in western decoration. It has some good details in the whole parts. Each western home decor shows several details. Wooden material dominates the room, and it gives natural and warm vibe that make the room comfortable.