Window Curtain Design Trends

Selecting and applying window curtain design is not an easy job when we do not understand the need required. Type of view that we will get will depend on the selection of fabrics, colors, patterns, textures on the curtain. If we want to apply the window curtain to a small room, then choose curtains with a simple design. Conversely, if we want to apply the window curtain to large-sized room, then choose a curtain with more complex designs. Meanwhile, when we have a window with an unusual design or a box shaped, then we can disguise it by selecting window curtain with strong vertical design lines that dangle from the ceiling to the floor. The existence of window curtain is very important in changing the visual appearance of a room. We can make a room becomes more attractive, graceful, or elegant by adding a window curtain with an appropriate design.

Consider the size and the function of the room before applying certain window curtain design

As stated earlier that the existence of window curtain able to disguise defects existing architecture on the window so we do not need to worry if we have windows in strange shape. So, what are the steps we need to create a window curtain design that can cover the shortcomings existing in the window of a room? Well, here are a few stages. First, we will need to determine the color scheme by considering the style or theme that is in the room. If we want to make the window curtain as a focal point, then choose a color that contrasts with bold accents so as to change the look of the room dramatically. However, if we want to assimilate window curtain with other decor elements, then choose a neutral color that is able to blend with the wall. Second, because the window curtain was chosen based on personal tastes of each homeowner then try to select the curtain design is able to reflect our personality as a homeowner.

Third, try to choose a window curtain to consider the mood that is in the room. If the room has an elegant look, then choose window curtain made ​​of silk. If the room has a relaxed feel, then choose window curtain made ​​of linen or cotton. Do not forget to specify the length of curtain that we need. We can apply the curtains reach the floor or choose length short curtains. This will greatly depend on the type of room that we apply window curtain design inside.

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