Wood Curtain Rods with Awesome Details of Carving and Great Quality

Everyone wants to decorate their house with style. In this case, there are various ways to decorate and make the interior better. There can be many items to get attention, and one of them is about curtain. Curtain is important part in decoration, especially when the house has some large windows. Of course, it cannot be separated from the rods and wood curtain rods are great options to consider when talking about interior design.

The Aesthetic Wood Curtain Rods

When discussing about window treatments, people sometimes focus on the draperies or curtains. They will spend time to look for great curtains with various designs, patterns, and size. However, the curtain rods actually also have important function that cannot be ignored. Related to this, wooden curtain rods become great reference.

Great look of wooden rod

When we are talking about wooden furniture and material, it always looks great. No one can deny the attractive points coming from the woods. Even if there are metals and other materials to choose, wood always has its own characteristic that can always increase the beauty of decoration. These are also applied in the wood curtain rods.

wood curtain rod design » Wood Curtain Rods with Awesome Details of Carving and Great Quality

In this case, there are great and aesthetic wooden curtain rods. These are not just simple rods made from wood. There are some great details to find in its brackets and finials. The brackets look like attached woods on the wall. These give rustic look that no one can resist. There is simplicity, yet there are also some nice details carved on the brackets.

Related to the finials, it is the vocal point both sides of finials have great pattern carved on the wood. These are shaped by imitating the shapes of wings. The carving shows great details, so these are still seen clearly although the finials are actually located above the windows.

In addition, it cannot be separated from the color as well. In term of color, it is painted in the dark tone. However, it still shows that it is the color of real wood. The same color is also applied in the curtain ring. Of course, these rings are also wooden rings.

Quality of wood

It is not just a cheap material used in the wood curtain rods. The rods use cedar wood, and it is one of great options of wood. It has good strength that will be enough to hold curtains and draperies without any problems. The installation is great as well since it is supported by good construction of nailing.

attractive wood curtain rods » Wood Curtain Rods with Awesome Details of Carving and Great Quality

Then, the wood rods get good finishing. Lacquer finishing is applied on the whole surface of rods. Of course, finial and brackets are also in the same finishing in order giving the same tone and protections for rods.

Regarding the protection, the layer is added on the wood. Although the wood is strong enough, it still needs good coating in order to protect wood curtain rods from moisture and temperature. Moreover, it is located near the windows where the rods can be exposed to the sunlight. Good layer of coating will protect the color and wood quality.

Surely, these may look simple, but the details and quality of wooden rods make it more attractive. With its details and quality, the rod is not only tool to hold the curtains and draperies, but these also have the role to beautify the interior. Surely, by having wood curtain rods, the room will look much better.