Woven Wood Shades with Great Wooden Quality and Useful Features

All houses needs decoration. This is necessary since decoration has important role to provide comfort for anyone staying in the house. Related to decorations, there can be many things to do and usually furniture will always get the concern. However, windows should also get treatment, and woven wood shades become great options.

Woven Wood Shades with Some Great Benefits

When you have windows, you cannot deny the importance of using the shades. Shades provide similar functions as the drapes and curtains. However, the shades are more effective when your house has smaller windows since usually the drapes and curtains are long enough. In this case, premier woven wood shade becomes the good reference to choose. It has some good benefits for you.


If you love something with the theme of nature, you will love to see woven wood shades. As its name, the shades made from the woods. This is not just random woods. It is good quality of wood to use.

woven wood shades design » Woven Wood Shades with Great Wooden Quality and Useful Features

Of course, there is good reason to choose the great quality of wood. It is to make the shades last long. The durability is necessary since it will always be exposed to the sunlight. Without good quality, the wood cannot last long, and it will easily get broken only in some years of usage.

For the treatment, woven wood shades do not get special layers of color. It is not painted in different colors but the wooden tone. It also keeps the texture. That’s why it is so eco-friendly. In order to increase its durability, the woods are woven by using good and strong cords.

Size of the woven wood shades

In term of size, each house will have different sizes of windows. It is normal to happen and the manufacturer of the wood shades gives flexibility to deal with this condition. That is why there are some options.

woven wood shades decor » Woven Wood Shades with Great Wooden Quality and Useful Features

Width and lengths can be measured and these can be adjusted easily. It may not be possible to get the precise size as the measurement of the windows. However, it is not big problems since usually shades have bigger or smaller size than the window frames.

Lift options

Then, the woven wood shades have some great lift options. The lift options are provided for those who have specific preference for the lift type. Even, it is possible to choose the cord and cordless wood shades. These are possible to do and actually these do not have big impacts on the quality of drapes.

The cord and cordless wood shades only determine the type of its lift mechanism. Other than these two options, there are also top-down or bottom-up. If these are not enough, the shades can also be used by using mechanism of continuous cord loops. Of course, these get the additional tools to support its lift mechanism.

It may sound simple to choose wooden shades. In fact, there are some points to choose, and it is one of good references to pick. It gives all things that can be found from wooden shades. Quality and features of woven wood shades are great to give comfort in decorating your house.