Zebra Print Wallpaper to Enhance a Beauty of Living Room

Zebra print wallpaper is one of the most popular types of wallpaper patterns and designs. A lot of people adore the beauty of this pattern on zebra’s skin. They are so beautiful with black and white ripples all over the surface. This is why they love to take the design to the living room and other rooms of the house. It is done by using wallpaper in zebra print to decorate the wall and light up the room.

What Room Themes Match with Zebra Print Wallpaper?

There are a lot of themes of living room. However, not all of them are going to match with zebra print wallpaper. For example, if your living room has the theme of rustic or Tuscan, there is no way that you will be able to incorporate the zebra pattern on the wall.

attractive zebra print wallpapers » Zebra Print Wallpaper to Enhance a Beauty of Living Room

Find out what themes for living room that can match with zebra wallpaper down below. They will help you decide on what to use in your living room’s wall décor. Follow the ideas down below and you will end up with beautiful living room at home.

  1. Safari Theme

Safari theme is one of the greatest living room themes of all time. They are so adorable and adventurous to look at. The safari theme is basically like using sunset-themed color as the color scheme to the living room.

Also, they love to adding wild animals patterns on the couch, wall, and decorations. Most of the safari themed living room using zebra and leopard skin pattern for the walls. The overall look of this theme is dashing for sure.

  1. Black and White Theme

The main color of zebra skin is black and white. It is so obvious that when a living room is using black and white theme, zebra print wallpaper is going to match the theme so beautifully. This is the reason why people who love contemporary style of combining black and white color is going to feel happy to add more zebra pattern on the wall. It will complement the room even more and make it looks more stunning.

  1. Animal Theme

A lot of home owner, especially with small children in the house, love to decorate the room with kids-friendly themes, such as animal theme. The animal theme is usually brought to the room by using animal patterns on the walls and furniture.

It will make it easier for them to introduce animals to kids and making them understanding the patterns and appearance of each animal. The zebra print wallpaper can surely be incorporate here.

If your living room is not using any of those themes above, do not use zebra colors and patterns to decorate the wall. It will not be cohesive with the rest of room, and it will give the living room strange appearance. Just follow the fact that zebra pattern is not going to match with old-fashioned themes and classic ones. The zebra print wallpaper is more suitable for the unique-looking and sophisticated themes of living room.